Meir Panim to be Increasing its Activites in Safed

Safed, which was the target of many enemy missile attacks in the recent war, is finally seeing some good come of that very difficult experience. Meir Panim’s ongoing activities in Safed produced a close partnership between the organization and the city which has led to a promising initiative.

At present, much energy is being poured into constructing a complementary welfare center in Safed. The center is intended to serve the complementary welfare needs of the needy population in Safed, Hazor HaGlilit and Tiberias. Meir Panim is busily renovating the site intended to house a soup kitchen. Furthermore, in conjunction with the Association for the Elderly in Israel, Meir Panim is planning to open a club for the elderly population. This club will provide them with a meeting place and activities. Finally, the center will include a youth club, joining the ranks of the other Meir Panim youth clubs that provide children and teens with daily afternoon activities.

The support and encouragement for this project came from the Dorset Foundation and the Bokovza Family in Luxemburg, steady supporters of the Meir Panim branch in Hazor. They decided to expand their support by adopting the Safed branch, managed by Mr. Yaakov Yisrael Avni.

During the war, many existential problems in the region became apparent, and Meir Panim rallied itself to help residents in Safed and its surrounding area even after the war was over. These efforts combine with those of the Power of Giving branch that has been active in Safed for many years, serving the needs of Safed, Tiberias and Hazor by providing second-hand household supplies to needy families.

Dudi Zilbershlag presenting a Certificate of Honor to an Outstanding Volunteer

Dudi Zilbershlag, his wife Rivka and Meir Panim General Manager Yossi Levkovitz

Dudi Zilbershlag and Or Akiva’s hosting mayor Mr. Simcha Yosifov with an Outstanding Volunteer
Annual Meir Panim- Power of Giving Volunteers Convention, 5767

This year, the annual convention honoring Meir Panim and Power of Giving’s volunteers took place in the Cultural Center in Or Akiva on Monday, 15 Heshvan, the birthday of Meir’ke Zilbershlag, z”l. About 600 volunteers from all over the country were in attendance, from Hazor, Tiberias, Migdal HaEmek, Nahariya, Safed, Haifa, Acco, Or Akiva, Kiryat Gat, Beersheba, Dimona, Yeruham, Jerusalem, Kiryat Arba, Tel-Aviv, Netanya, Kiryat Malachi, Yokneam, Ashkelon, Petach Tikva and Sderot.

In his opening speech, Meir Panim General Manager Yossi Levkovitz thanked the hundreds of volunteers, praising their tremendous response during the recent war in Lebanon. “I am thrilled to see everyone here. The Meir Panim family is large and unified, and we will continue to happily respond to those who need us.”

The convention was graced with the presence of Or Akiva’s mayor, Mr. Simcha Yosifov and the municipal aides who accompanied him.

30 special certificates of honor were awarded to outstanding volunteers for 5767 who were chosen by the branch managers who were also present at the event. When each Outstanding Volunteer was called to the stage, the announcer described his or her special role in Meir Panim and unique contribution to the cause.

The Outstanding Meir Panim Volunteers for this year include: Gabi Gavi, Gidon Cohen, Baruch Mamo, Sima Asor, Ilana Nahmani, Noah and Batya Feiderman, Shmuel Klein, Esther Deri, Racheli Palmer, Michal Cohen, Brit Shreiber, Yaakov Maimon, Mazal Haziza, Odette Hasid, Moshe Goldstein, Yaakov Eiger and Zahava Gazri.

The Outstanding Power of Giving Volunteers for this year include: Elinor Aberg’il, Haham Gabai, Uzi Toran, Clara Bachtianov, Yisrael Zuberi, Rinat Yair Niels, Sarah Levi, Zevulun Pinhasov, Yaffa Cohen, Michael Rizin, Homa Yisrazda, Margalit Mor, and Vladimir Rivkin.

The evening included a touching film and an artistic performance featuring Jackie Levi and the singer Ariel Horvitz.

In his conclusive speech, Meir Panim Chairman Dudi Zilbershlag praised the dedication of the volunteers from Sderot who exert themselves every day under the threat of Kassam missiles, and he paid tribute to the Dimona volunteers who came in full force, making the long trip to the north: “I was moved to discover that the date of the convention coincided with the birthday of our son, Meir’ke, in whose name and memory Meir Panim was established. From now on, every year, we- the entire Meir Panim family- will gather on this date.”

Torah reading at Kotel

8th grade student requesting donations to Meir Panim instead of gifts
8th Grade Student from Tampa chooses Meir Panim for her Bat Mitzvah project

As a Jewish girl reaches the age of passage into adulthood, Bat Mitzvah, she learns to reinforce her commitment to Mitzvot and good deeds that help to repair the world, known as the Jewish value of tikkun olam.

Here is a wonderful example of  an 8th grade student from Tampa, Florida, who made her commitment to the community and Eretz Yisrael part of her Bat Mitzvah celebration. Thanks to the overwhelming response of  family and friends, she successfully raised $2000, way over her original goal to raise $1,400 for Meir Panim to sponsor and feed lunches to a class of 35 needy children in Israel for a month.

We are very thankful to this lovely, mature and warm-hearted young lady for her efforts and, of course, to her wonderful parents for providing the opportunity, and to all the people who opened their hearts to help make this happen.


YU Mission To N. Israel Accentuates “Hands On” Chesed

Yeshiva University and Meir Panim co-sponsored a fascinating “solidarity mission” to Northern Israel during Chol Hamoed Sukkot that attracted over 150 people, many of them visitors from North America who were eager to partake in a different kind of encounter with Israeli society.

Rabbi Kenneth Brander, Dean of YU’s Center For The Jewish Future and Meir Panim’s Founder and Director, Dudi Zilberschlag, led the mission on a day-long barnstorming tour of Northern Israeli towns and cities that were hit hard by daily barrages of Hezbollah katuysha rockets during July and August.

The main attraction was an eye-opening experience in Haifa. Israel’s 3rd largest city endured a particularly violent summer. Zilberschlag and a local guide took the group to the city’s highest peak, located on the campus of Haifa University. The spectacular panoramic view provided the visitors with a unique understanding of where Hezbollah rockets landed in the city and how the violence disrupted the daily rhythm of the local population.

The group then traveled to Meir Panim’s “Koach Latet” (Power of Giving) relief center in the heart of Haifa, where they participated in a “hands-on” lesson in chesed.

For several hours, the visitors worked diligently preparing food packages for indigent residents who lacked sufficient supplies for the last days of Sukkot. In addition, group members also sorted donated clothing and prepared “pekalach” (candy packages) for hundreds of poor children who would be able to celebrate Simchat Torah with a smile.

The emotionally and physically intensive day was topped off with a festive “Simchat Beis Hashoeva” event at the “Koach Latet” facility. Members of the YU group were able to eat, sing and hear words of “chizuk” from Rabbis Brander and Zilberschlag, as well as a hearty “todah rabbah” from thankful local residents.

According to Rabbi Brander, the mission was not only a great success, it also made a lasting emotional impression on the participants who vowed to draft new members to Meir Panim’s cause.


13-Year-Old Robin Hood

Each night, after her mother had fallen asleep, S. would embark on a midnight excursion of burglarizing homes in Kiryat Gat. She would put the stolen money into her mother’s purse without telling her. After being caught yesterday, she told the dumbfounded investigators: “I just wanted the money for food, nothing else.”

You might think that this story took place in a third world country, but no. It happened here in Israel, in Kiryat Gat, without anyone realizing. For the past four months, S., a thirteen year-old girl, would sneak out of her house at midnight and proceed to break into homes and businesses in town for one purpose only: to get money for food to feed herself and her family.

S., who has no criminal record, is in eighth grade and lives with her mother and two younger brothers. At home there is almost no money for anything. Her mother earns minimum wage by working at a local shop and raises her children under great financial pressure.

About four months ago, S. decided to take the family’s fate into her own hands. She contacted a relative, a fifteen year-old boy, also from a poor family. The two decided to meet every midnight at the entrance of her building and go on a burglary spree. “I would hang out at home until my mother would fall asleep,” S. told the juvenile police investigators after her arrest. “She always falls asleep at around 12 AM. Then I would go to her room, make sure that she is sleeping, get dressed and go out.”

Together with her relative she would wander the streets of Kiryat Gat and look for targets. At first they would break into houses of people who were not home and look for cash. If they “lucked out”, they would find 100 NIS, but they would usually have to make do with a few dozen shekels. “We would divide the money equally between us,” she told the stunned investigators

Towards morning, S. and her partner would go to a local baker and buy croissants, cookies and chocolate milk. “I wanted the money for food, nothing else,” she swore during questioning. The investigators believed her.

After wondering the city streets all night, she would go home before her mother woke up and put some of the money she stole into her mother’s purse. “I don’t think my mother ever suspected that I put money in her purse. I didn’t want her to know.” Afterwards, as if nothing had happened, she would get dressed and go to school. Her mother, who also testified, told the investigators that she had been wondering why her daughter had been so tired at school lately.

Yesterday, while they were breaking into one of the town’s lottery stands, some local residents saw and reported them to the police. Juvenile investigators, supervised by the juvenile unit director of the Kiryat Gat police station, Major Shlomi Levi, questioned the two yesterday for several long hours. In the end, they admitted to committing 22 break-ins, most of them at lottery stands. We were looking for lottery cards,” the girl explained. “We preferred to hit the jackpot than to steal from other people.” They also stole $500 from a taxi driver. S. said that the large sum lasted them a week. “With that money I also bought a necklace for myself that cost 5 NIS,” she said.

“We never bought candy with the money, just food,” S. told the police. The investigators reported that during the questioning the girl was so hungry she could hardly speak. They bought food and a drink for her and the boy who continued with their testimony after eating.

At the end of the questioning, the two were brought before a judge and were sent home for five days of house arrest. “Of course, beyond the criminal realm we will involve the municipal welfare services,” said Major Levi. “My heart hurts for them. It was really difficult to question them and hear the motive for their actions. It’s not something we run into every day.”


“Hoops4soups" Basketball tournament successful in raising $10,000 to help Meir Panim

Aventura resident Joey Cohen, a loan officer with the Dadeland branch of Chase Bank, recently organized “Hoops for Soups”, a basketball tournament fundraiser benefiting Meir Panim, which was held at the Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center in North Miami Beach. Joey Cohen has been volunteering for Meir Panim for the past two years. He decided to launch the tournament to help Israel with its recovery from the summer’s conflict with Hezbollah.

More than 100 people attended the basketball tournament, in which 16 three-player teams competed to win first place. About 50 college students from the University of Miami and Florida International University volunteered to play or man registration tables.   The event, which kicked off at 1 p.m. Sunday, October 22nd, also featured a video presentation explaining Meir Panim’s contributions in Israel, comments by Meir Panim president David Roth, a raffle, and singing of the Hatikvah, the Israeli national anthem.

Hoops for Soups raised approximately $10,000. Sponsors included Chase, All About Health Chiropractic Center, Miami Beach Foot & Ankle Center, Aventura Xtra Storage, Aroma Cafe, Home Pro’s Guide, Ferial’s Hair Studio, Hopkin’s Federal Bank, Moores BBq Sauce, Shem Tov’s Pizza, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hudson Capital, The New Kosher World, Drapes Decor & More, Master Car Wash, Outstanding, MetLife, H2G, BAY, Sigma Delta Tau, Accutime Watch Corp., The Foundation, EdenTours Pesach, Hands for the Homeless, Terranova, Nefesh B’Nefesh, Precision Trading, Bet Ner Avraham, People’s Insurance Claim Center, Global America Title Services, Sunbloc Carport and Awanings, Inc. Diamond Realty & Investments, Inc, and Smith Barney Pinecrest branch.

Meir Panim is extremely thankful to Joey Cohen and co-volunteers Aileen Averbuch, Elliot Corenblum, Dayana Susterman and the entire Susterman Family for their dedication and efforts that have made this wonderful event possible.


Malcolm Hoenlein and Family volunteer at Meir Panim Jerusalem

Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, volunteered at the Meir Panim soup kitchen in Jerusalem along with his children and grandchildren on their visit to Israel for the holiday of Sukkot.

As they prepared and served meals in the restaurant, Mr. Hoenlein and his family got a firsthand glimpse of the heartbreaking need for Meir Panim’s services.

The staff and volunteers at the soup kitchen were much enheartened by the Hoenleins’ visit, and Meir Panim extends a warm thanks to each of them.  We look forward to welcoming them again on their next visit to Israel.

Mr. Hoenlein is a well-known and influential American Jewish activist and an esteemed friend of Meir Panim Relief Centers in Israel.  He serves as a member of Meir Panim’s Honorary Executive committee, along with Mortimer Zuckerman.


Beth and Ronnie Stern graciously opened their home to host an evening in honor of Meir Panim

Many of the distinguished Rabbis and approximately eighty individuals from the surrounding Teaneck and Englewood communities joined the Stern’s in their home to hear an update on the current status of Northern residents from Mr. David Zilbershlag, founder of Meir Panim. He reported in detail how, in this time of need, the coalition formed and led by Meir Panim were available in any city affected by falling rockets.  When nobody else was available, Meir Panim trucks could be seen winding through empty streets, with toys, food and other basic necessities. 

Meir Panim was honored to have Rabbi Kenneth Brander, Dean of The Center for the Jewish Future at Yeshiva University say a few words. Guests were also treated to an emotional presentation by Yeshiva University Counterpoint Coordinator, Hindy Poupko. She described her first hand experience working hand in hand with Meir Panim to rehabilitate various sections of Yerucham, and spending countless hours establishing a sense of caring so sorely needed.

While highlights from Meir Panim’s northern campaign were shared, the emphasis was on closing the million dollar gap for the Kiryat Gat facility in southern Israel.  This mega kitchen will feed approximately 50,000 children everyday.  With the help and guidance of the Stern Family and Penny Rabinowitz, the Teaneck and Englewood communities brought the Kiryat Gat meal distribution center significantly closer to a reality.   Thank you Beth and Ronnie Stern for a successful and memorable evening!


"Hoops4soups" Basketball tournament to raise $10,000+ towards Meir Panim

A basketball tournament to raise $10,000+ towards Meir Panim Relief Centers is currently being launched by Joey Cohen, a Meir Panim volunteer in North Miami Beach. Funds will be raised through corporate sponsorship of at least 20 teams of 3 and registration fees paid by players participating in the event. Joey’s employer, CHASE BANK, will be one of the sponsors and cover the cost of the shirts and other expenses of the event.

The fundraiser event is scheduled for October 22, 2006 at the MICHAEL-ANN RUSSELL JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER in North Miami Beach. Games will start at 1:00 pm and go to 6 pm. For only an $18.00 donation, you can participate in the tournament and receive a cool “Hoops4soups shirt that will also have the sponsor’s logo on the sleeves. At least 2 sponsors will be needed for each team, at the cost of $250.00 per sponsor. The business or sponsors will not only get the huge Mitzvah, but will also be entitled to a tax cut since this is advertising which is a business expense. The shirts will be custom ordered, so please register by September 27th.

In addition to money collected, this tournament will work to heighten awareness of Meir Panim’s critical work throughout Israel, specifically in the North of Israel, where we are continuing to provide food and basic necessities to traumatized families and individuals.

To register, please email Joey Cohen at, or at Checks are to be made out to American Friends of Meir Panim and mailed to 5316 New Utrecht Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219. Please make sure to put “Hoops 4 Soups” and the name of the player in the memo box.

Please E-fax 305-328-6692 if you have any questions

Update: Players need to be at the JCC at 11:30 to register and pick up their jersey. The president Dudi Roth will be speaking and presenting a video about what Meir Panim does at 12 P.M. We will have a lottery with great gifts and give away free stuff plus the tournament. There will also be a guest performer, Aaron Margolis, with guitar and vocals. We will open up with the Hatikvah and start the games promptly at 1:00 P.M.


Fundraiser for Meir Panim held at Congregation Bet Shaul U'Miriam

On Tuesday August 15, 2006, a benefit to boost Meir Panim’s relief activities on the northern front was held at Congregation Bet Shaul U'Miriam in Brooklyn. The event was spearheaded by Mrs. Esther Simon and a wonderful group of volunteers who spared no time or effort to ensure its successful outcome.

The program included a presentation and short video of Meir Panim, an enlightening lecture from Rabbi Daniel Mechanic of Project Chazon and a mini Chinese Auction, highlighting Israeli-made products. Raffles for 2 plane tickets to Israel and 6 nights at the David Citadel Hotel were also sold. The raffle drawing is scheduled for February 26, 2007. Anyone interested in purchasing tickets, please call Meir Panim Toll Free at: 1.877.736.6283.

Meir Panim would like to take this opportunity to express heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Mrs. Simon for her talented and successful coordination of the event. Another special thank you goes to Congregation Bet Shaul U'Miriam for allowing us to use their shul for this tremendous mitzvah


A "CounterPoint" Summer For YU Students

Twelve enthusiastic Yeshiva University and Stern College students, along with several talented arts and fashion instructors from the metropolitan New York region created a very different summer reality for themselves and groups of underprivileged youngsters in several impoverished Southern Israeli towns.

The students and their talented peers flew to Israel in July as part of the “CounterPoint Israel” program, a joint outreach effort created by Yeshiva University and Meir Panim. The three-week program included working at a summer camp for teens in Yerucham and participation in Meir Panim’s “Rebuilding Communities Project” in Dimona. Shuki Taylor, YU’s summer camp coordinator and Nissim Almakayes, the Director of Meir Panim’s branch in Dimona worked diligently to produce unique activities that created fascinating cultural and human bonds between these two very different groups of youngsters.

The YU/Stern students spent 4 days in Dimona, working with local teenagers to spruce up several rundown neighborhoods, as well as chesed stints at the local Meir Panim soup kitchen and outreach center. The YU/Stern students along with the arts and fashion instructors offered the Israeli youngsters a variety of fun activities including art and fashion design, problem solving games and most importantly English lessons, whose purpose was to empower these youngsters with a sense of hope for the future, as well as self-esteem. The culmination of the program was highlighted by a festive “end of camp” Shabbos tish celebration hosted by Reb Dudi Zilberschlag, Meir Panim’s founder, and Moshe Lefkowitz, the director of the organization.


From Brooklyn To The Frontlines of Chesed

Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind and Queens Councilman Dave Weprin had never exposed themselves to the dangers associated with visiting a front-line war zone until last week, when the two NYC politicians and 16 other people from the metropolitan area flew to Israel in an effort to assist the beleaguered residents of Northern Israel.

Part of the group’s mission was to assist Israeli citizens who were essentially marooned in Northern shelters without a sustainable source of supplies. Hikind, Weprin and others in the group lent a helping hand in handing out nutritious meals that were prepared by volunteers at Meir Panim’s Kiryat Malachi soup kitchen in Southern Israel and shipped to stricken Northern communities via refrigerated trucks the same day. Nearly 4000 meals a day are currently being prepared and delivered to front-line communities such as Safed, Nahariya, Kiryat Shmona, Karmiel Tiberias, Acco, Ma’a lot and Hatzor. Hikind’s group targeted the overflowing shelters in Hatzor, where hundreds of Meir Panim meals were personally delivered with a smiling face. One member of the group revealed, “The conditions in these shelters were beyond belief. People were living in cramped and hot shelters that were not designed to hold so many people over a long period of time. It was important not only to give them something good to eat but also just to talk with the families and their kids in order to make them feel as if they weren’t alone.”

Councilman Weprin conjured up a disturbing parallel. “It’s almost like what happened in New Orleans last summer. The poorer people had no means of escape. And in Northern Israel, we see the same thing as people with limited financial means are stuck here,” he said matter-of-factly.


From the United States with Love

As soon as the war broke out about four weeks ago, the Susterman family members decided to come to Israel in a show of solidarity with the northern residents. As Alberto Susterman said: “As soon as I saw the pictures from Israel and the distress of the northern residents, I wanted to be where my heart was.”

Upon arriving in Israel, the Susterman family visited shelters in the north, met with soldiers and distributed treats, towels and other personal items.

Alberto Susterman is a tireless activist for Meir Panim and has a large following of pro-Israel friends in the United States.

This is the time for "Israel Together"

Having reached the 26th day of fighting in the north, the initial “first aid” for the northern residents rendered by the coalition of a number of social organizations has unfortunately become a routine. The Meir Panim branches are all rallied to help our brothers in the north, lending a shoulder in areas that are also beyond our domain.

Each day, a convoy of trucks leaves the logistical branch of Meir Panim in central Israel, with food and equipment for the residents of the shelters. The organization’s workers courageously travel among the various towns up north between sirens and rockets falling, distributing hot meals while also providing emotional support and encouragement.

Last week, a request arrived from a family that was forced to cancel their Bar-Mitzvah celebration of their son in Kiryat Shmoneh. The father of the family spoke to Dudi Zilbershlag and asked him to find an alternate location so that they could celebrate the Bar-Mitzvah. In the end, the Bar- Mitzvah took place with great fanfare in the Meir Panim branch in Kiryat Malachi, to the joy of the Bar-Mitzvah boy and his parents.

Since the beginning of the conflict in the north, we have distributed the following items:
- 7,200 warm meals each day to the elderly and young residing in bomb shelters, in cooperation with the welfare departments and local authorities that keep Meir Panim informed. The meals are cooked in Meir Panim kitchens in the north and include a meat portion, a carbohydrate, a cooked vegetable, and bread.
-11,000 packages with basic supplies.
-3,500 mattresses that were acquired and distributed to bomb shelters in the north.
-2,800 emergency lighting units.
-1,800 cases of mineral water that were purchased and distributed to residents of shelters.
-3,500 packages of diapers and formula for babies and toddlers.
-thousands of games, toys, and art supplies worth about 380,000 NIS that were acquired and distributed to the children of the north. (There is a demand for more of these items at the equivalent of about 1,000,000 NIS.)-500 first aid kits, a donation of the Israeli Medical Association to the people in shelters.

These activities were conducted in Kiryat Shmoneh, Acco, Nahariya, Haifa, Kiryat Yam, Shlomi, Ma’alot, Chatzor, Merom Galil, Mevo’ot Hermon and Rosh Pina.

We all hope that the war will end in the coming days and that we will return to our daily routine soon.


He takes refuge, hears the missile fall, and continues to the next bomb shelter…

Each morning, Yossi Klein travels from Jerusalem to Haifa, laden with boxes of food, toys and mattresses. He goes from bomb shelter to bomb shelter, listening to people’s heart-chilling stories and returns home with a long list of requests, having promised to return the following day. Yossi hasn’t lost his “power of giving”…

To see the full article, press here


A Shabbat of Strength and Peace

The Jewish Nation is in the midst of an existential war that terror organizations from the north and south have imposed upon it. The goal of these terror organizations, which are backed by terrorist nations such as Syria and Iran, is not just to kidnap soldiers and harm civilians, but to wipe the State of Israel off the map.

This is a challenging time for all of us, testing our ability to unite with our brethren from the north and south, and to raise a prayer together for them and for all the IDF soldiers who risk their lives daily in battle for the sake of the Nation and the Land.

In a display of unity and faith, it was decided to establish “Shabbat Chazon” as a solidarity Shabbat with our brethren in the north and south, referred to as: “Shabbat of Strength and Peace”.

In the context of this Shabbat, the following activities took place:

1. In Jewish homes in Israel and throughout the world, two extra candles were lit about an hour before Shabbat (18:00), and the women (or men) added a special prayer for the IDF soldiers and the residents of the North and the South, and for the kidnapped soldiers who we hope will return home safely soon.

2. Throughout Israel, mass gatherings for the Kabbalat Shabbat prayer were held, in which a prayer was said for the IDF soldiers and for a swift victory in the war. These gatherings also took place in central “protected places” in the north and the south, and many Rabbis and public leaders joined northern and southern settlements for Shabbat in a show of solidarity, and participated in cultural, educational and social activities as well.

3. Throughout the week preceding the solidarity Shabbat, a variety of volunteer organizations and youth movements distributed a few hundred thousand kits which included Shabbat candles, the Kabbalat Shabbat prayer and the Prayer for the Welfare of IDF Soldiers and the Kidnapped Soldiers.

We believe that a show of solidarity with the northern and southern residents and with the IDF and the kidnapped soldiers will strengthen the spirit of the Jewish Nation: “May Hashem give His nation strength; May Hashem bless His nation with Peace.”


"Israel Together" National Emergency Unit established to support residents at the front line

In light of the recent events in northern Israel, large volunteer organizations in Israel have combined forces by forming a coalition to help residents on the front line with material and emotional support. This effort is headed by Dudi Zilbershlag, chairman of Meir Panim-Power of Giving and was initiated by the National Council for Volunteerism in Israel.

The Coalition’s activities focus on promoting the solidarity of Israel’s residents with the towns on the front line. At its first meeting, the Coalition decided upon a variety of activities as a first stage

The coalition includes the following organizations: National Council for Volunteerism in Israel, Meir Panim-Power of Giving, Ruach Tovah, Zak”a- Identification, Recovery and Rescue Units, The Humanitarian Foundation of Kibbutzim, Victims of Terror Organization, Bat-Ami National Service, The Center for Emergency Situations, Nete”l- the Center for Emotional Support in Situations of Crisis and Trauma, Tzohar Rabbis, Amidar, The Council of Women’s Organizations, Emuna- the National Religious Women’s Movement, B’nei Brith Israel, Lyons-Israel, and the following youth movements: HaShomer Ha’Tzair, Bnei Akiva, Ezra and Ariel. The Coalition is headed by Dudi Zilbershlag, chairman of Meir Panim-Power of Giving

Supporting the cause are many business companies, headed by Nuchi Dankner and the Ted Arison Family Foundation which will financially support the Coalition’s efforts and the residents on the front line.


Representatives from Temple Am David of Warwick, Rhode Island, visit Meir Panim

On Tuesday July 27th Meir Panim was thrilled to welcome a group from Temple Am David in Warwick, RI. Led by Cantor Richard Perlman, who is a long time friend and supporter of Meir Panim, the group proudly presented a generous donation to Meir Panim. The funds were raised through the annual Pre-Pesach spaghetti dinner, and in their Hebrew School through the efforts of teacher Barbara Dwares. We welcome Temple Am David its congregants to the Meir Panim family and look forward to next year's spaghetti dinner!


New Truck for Meir Panim- Power of Giving
A new truck, donated in the memory of Mordechai and Chaya Korach, z”l by a special family from Jerusalem, was launched this past month by Meir Panim. The truck will operate in the southern region and will be used to collect and distribute furniture to needy families in the area. The new truck has a modern design, which from now on will be incorporated in all the other trucks of the organization.

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